• chatbot

    Chatbot as a Service

    AI and Menu Based chatbot

    Our revolutionary site empowers web portals and websites, regardless of the languages they are developed in (be it static or dynamic), by seamlessly integrating our Chatbot Services.

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  • GIS Marker Service

    Quick Map Generation

    Many Department/Instuition required to plot the GIS Marker on the map also want to provide information on click on markers , but Ploting GIS Location needs GIS programming and even the expert programmers needs 5-6 days to complete this task, our GIS API plot the markers instantly on a button click and also embed information by just uploading a .csv file and in return it provide option of downloading the whole file in html format which can be use anywhere.

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  • Checks Valid Human Face

    Finds human face in image

    Without the integration of sophisticated AI mechanisms, it becomes virtually impossible for the server to determine whether an uploaded photo is clear and contains a discernible human face.

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  • Image 2 Text Conversion Service

    Coverts images containg text to editable text

    Prepare to embrace the transformative power of our cutting-edge API, harnessing the remarkable capabilities of Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

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  • Translate Me Service

    24 indian language conversions

    Empowers your applications to seamlessly translate text from one language (source) to another (destination). This transformative tool is particularly invaluable in office automation applications where the need for Hindi to English or English to Hindi translation arises frequently.

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  • Face matching Service

    Matches the Faces

    Using this service one can match the human face photo taken at two instance , it can be integreated to any existing web application and can support matching of Aadhar Demographic photo to photo stored in database and can used for eKYC of photo match.

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  • Face Search Web Application

    Web Integration Toolkit for Face Search

    This is a demo web application for showing the realtime face matching search in faces stored in database, it can be used by Law Enforcement/Security agencies and Forensics and missing persons record keeping agencies.

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  • Facebook Post Analysis Web Application

    Intent Analysis for Facebook Posts

    1. User Engagements Analysis- Totqal Likes/Comments/Shares
    2. Analysis of Top 10 Most Pupular Posts
    3. Sentiment Analysis of the each Posts
    4. Analysis of Age/Gender/state/country wise No. of followers

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  • Twitter Tweets Analysis Web Application

    Compares the Personalities by Users Comments

    1. Sentiment Analysis of Tweets- Positve/Negative/Neutral
    2. Twitter handle Analysis: No of total Followers, Friends, Mutual friedns etc.
    3. Word frequency analysis of any tweets
    4. Comparative Analysis of Two Personalities - Followers, Fafourites, Re-Tweeted etc.

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  • Email Analysis Web Application

    Categorization and Analysis

    1. Sentiment Analysis of the mails received in particular periods
    2. Top 10 email senders/ Top 10 email domains
    3. Year-Month wise number of emails received
    4. Automatic Categoriation of emails of particular period

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Software development is our main area of expertise where we have been attached since last 5+ years. We are a recognized and well versed software development company situated in Lucknow and we are known for providing best software development service in Lucknow, India and around the world. http://www.virtuoso.co.in/software-development.html

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