Texalab AI Based Services

Our cutting-edge platform offers a comprehensive range of AI services, provided through powerful APIs, which seamlessly integrate with web applications developed across various platforms. The core objective of our portal is to provide you with a diverse array of services that can be efficiently solved using state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms. Currently, we offer the following exceptional services:

Chatbot Service

Our revolutionary site empowers web portals and websites, regardless of the languages they are developed in (be it static or dynamic), by seamlessly integrating our Chatbot Services. This integration allows for the provision of unparalleled virtual assistance to users visiting the portal. Our cutting-edge AI-enabled Chatbot possesses the capability to respond to a wide range of general inquiries pertaining to the diverse products and services offered within the native portal. Rest assured, your users will experience a truly exceptional level of support and engagement.

GIS Marker Service

Many Department/Instuition required to plot the GIS Marker on the map also want to provide information on click on markers , but Ploting GIS Location needs GIS programming and even the expert programmers needs 5-6 days to complete this task, our GIS API plot the markers instantly on a button click and also embed information by just uploading a .csv file and in return it provide option of downloading the whole file in html format which can be use anywhere.

Is Valid Human Face

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, where web-based online portals play a pivotal role in accepting applications for various schemes and services, a critical challenge arises. Specifically, without the integration of sophisticated AI mechanisms, it becomes virtually impossible for the server to determine whether an uploaded photo is clear and contains a discernible human face. Enter our revolutionary Human Face Detection API, meticulously designed to address these very concerns. This groundbreaking API harnesses the power of advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze images uploaded through the portal. It swiftly assesses the level of blurriness present in the photo, providing invaluable insights to ensure crystal-clear visuals. Moreover, it possesses the remarkable ability to validate whether the image indeed contains a human face, eliminating any uncertainties. With our Human Face Detection API at your disposal, your web-based application can effortlessly enhance the user experience by ensuring that only high-quality, human-centric images are accepted. Embrace the future of image analysis and elevate your portal's capabilities to unprecedented heights.

Is Same human Face

In the realm of image analysis, a groundbreaking API emerges, poised to revolutionize the way we verify the identity of individuals across different instances. Introducing our unparalleled Face Matching API, designed to compare images captured at distinct moments and determine if they depict the same objects or human faces. This transformative API proves to be an indispensable asset in various examination processes, as it allows for the identification of candidates who have appeared for an exam by cross-referencing their application photos with those taken during the examination. By providing two distinct images, captured at different instances, as input parameters to this API, a comprehensive analysis is performed, meticulously evaluating the presence of identical objects or human faces. Embrace the cutting-edge capabilities of our Face Matching API, enabling you to safeguard the integrity of examination processes, ensuring that the candidate who applied to take the examination is indeed the same individual who appeared for it. Seamlessly integrate this powerful tool into your system and witness a new era of identity verification unfold before your eyes.

Image 2 Text Conversion Service

Prepare to embrace the transformative power of our cutting-edge API, harnessing the remarkable capabilities of Optical Character Recognition (OCR). Leveraging the prowess of AI-driven pattern recognition technology, this API seamlessly identifies and extracts text embedded within an image, effortlessly transforming it into a dynamic and editable digital document. The implications of this groundbreaking technology extend far and wide, particularly in the realm of office automation applications. Whether it's converting letters, office orders, receipts, invoices, or bank statements – typically available in image format – into editable digital data, our OCR-based API is the ultimate solution. Presently, our API exhibits exceptional proficiency in converting text images across nine prominent Indian languages. The supported languages include Hindi, English, Gujarati, Urdu, Malayalam, Oriya, Punjabi, Tamil, and Telugu. This expansive language support ensures that a vast range of documents can be seamlessly digitized and made editable, revolutionizing your office automation processes. Embrace the power of our OCR-based API and unlock a new era of efficiency and productivity. Seamlessly integrate this transformative tool into your workflow and witness the seamless conversion of image-based text into editable digital assets across a myriad of languages.

Translate Me service

Prepare to witness the extraordinary capabilities of our groundbreaking API, empowering you to seamlessly translate text from one language (source) to another (destination). This transformative tool is particularly invaluable in office automation applications where the need for Hindi to English or English to Hindi translation arises frequently. Presenting a comprehensive language support that transcends barriers, our API currently supports a multitude of languages, including Hindi, English, Tamil, Bengali, Urdu, and more. This ensures that a diverse range of translation requirements can be met with unparalleled precision and efficiency. Moreover, our API goes beyond mere text translation. It also possesses the extraordinary ability to convert text images in nine prominent Indian languages. With support for Hindi, English, Gujarati, Urdu, Malayalam, Oriya, Punjabi, Tamil, Bengali, Nepali, and Telugu, your office automation applications gain unprecedented flexibility and adaptability. Embrace the power of our language translation API and revolutionize your workflow. Seamlessly integrate this formidable tool into your office automation systems and experience the seamless transformation of text between multiple languages, elevating productivity and breaking down linguistic barriers.